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Summary page of Design and Prototype Testing for each of the 10 Panels in the Walkabout series.

Writer and Painter Jerry Smetzer, with #8F1811Panel 10 - Tree of Life

This a multi-media Project in the visual and story-telling arts. It is complicated both by subject matter, and by the problems of merging several media technologies into a common story line. People have asked me why I've committed myself to it. Click the link, HERE, to see the 10 paintings with titles, story lines, and music.

The second media piece, linked below, is an informational handout for a classroom presentation in March, 2016,titled: "Building Walkabout." The students in this particular class were local high school juniors and seniors taking a "hands-on" course in Digital Design. Click TOOLS to have a look.

The third media piece is actually the first step in the next major phase of the Walkabout project. It is a short story about the young woman who appears in each of the 10 Walkabout panels. The short story, in Cassie's voice as a young girl, is titled: "The Hog Butcher." Click HERE to read the story.

"The Hog Butcher" was first available for a public reading in October 31, 2015. Over the next two years I will be drafting a short story, also in Cassie's voice, which will have her interacting in some way in each of the periods of history indicated in each of the 10 panels. She will interact with some appropriate person, or persons, and event, or events in that period.

As with everything in this web site, all feedback - good, bad, indifferent, even ugly - will be welcome, and I will respond directly to all I receive.